Sunday, March 20, 2011

Worked 2 days

it is damn freaking true that saying everything is difficult at the start
u must accept this fact
cannot reject it
u have no right to reject
no! i tell u no!
bcoz it is a fact
no reject reject

the first day i suffer to the max to work
mahem the type of sushi is around 20+
then the difference between them can be hardly seen if you're not the sushi maker
and im not the sushi maker
im just to serve customer
receive money and give sushi
the big problem is i don't know what the heck sushi is that
argh @#$%$#@ then key in wrong number la, key in wrong sushi la, return the wrong change la
many problems la aiya
and 2 customers get angry bcoz my pace was slow
but i dont care la
im new, what can i do o.O of course i have to "choi lei dou so" lol
today i worked the second day
and is much much much more better
i dunno why my brain processes like so fast until i can remember the type of sushi
as long as i get the correct sushi i will know the price
fuiyoh the speed like pro jiang xD hahhaha
then the manager informed me that my work time for monday has changed and told me that i will start learn to make sushi on that day
HAHAHA !!! my colleagues they all learn to make sushi after 2 weeks they work at there
but i learn on the third day i work at there
BREAK RECORD !!! HAHAHA they say i learn very fast bcoz i can remember those sushi on the second day 
feel so suang
i think it is very important that to have a positive mind set every time
the very first thing to have a positive mind set = u must be happy
and i make myself happy by smiling to the max in front of the mirror every morning i bath
then i tell myself everything is easy and they will somehow finish/complete at one point
so dont worry too much
and then like that we can do things quite efficiently
i know things is easier to say than do
but if you have been so stress recently and you haven't find anything to relieve it
try it out =) maybe it will help you xD and slowly you will come up sth suits yourself to make you happy


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