Sunday, March 20, 2011

Worked 2 days

it is damn freaking true that saying everything is difficult at the start
u must accept this fact
cannot reject it
u have no right to reject
no! i tell u no!
bcoz it is a fact
no reject reject

the first day i suffer to the max to work
mahem the type of sushi is around 20+
then the difference between them can be hardly seen if you're not the sushi maker
and im not the sushi maker
im just to serve customer
receive money and give sushi
the big problem is i don't know what the heck sushi is that
argh @#$%$#@ then key in wrong number la, key in wrong sushi la, return the wrong change la
many problems la aiya
and 2 customers get angry bcoz my pace was slow
but i dont care la
im new, what can i do o.O of course i have to "choi lei dou so" lol
today i worked the second day
and is much much much more better
i dunno why my brain processes like so fast until i can remember the type of sushi
as long as i get the correct sushi i will know the price
fuiyoh the speed like pro jiang xD hahhaha
then the manager informed me that my work time for monday has changed and told me that i will start learn to make sushi on that day
HAHAHA !!! my colleagues they all learn to make sushi after 2 weeks they work at there
but i learn on the third day i work at there
BREAK RECORD !!! HAHAHA they say i learn very fast bcoz i can remember those sushi on the second day 
feel so suang
i think it is very important that to have a positive mind set every time
the very first thing to have a positive mind set = u must be happy
and i make myself happy by smiling to the max in front of the mirror every morning i bath
then i tell myself everything is easy and they will somehow finish/complete at one point
so dont worry too much
and then like that we can do things quite efficiently
i know things is easier to say than do
but if you have been so stress recently and you haven't find anything to relieve it
try it out =) maybe it will help you xD and slowly you will come up sth suits yourself to make you happy


Sunday, March 13, 2011

i v\/0|~|c

hey yo !
is going to 1 month of staying in wellington
still not that easy to mingle with locals here
doesnt matter
talk to myself gao dim xD
assignments, tutorials, workshops, quizzes, tests kick in
maybe the time for lectures is short
i feel that im very free and everything were not difficult
kinda easy to cope with it
dealing with basics now
so ok la ~ mou man tai
but .. the statistic =.=" hen sien ah!!! i forgot why N-1 for sample and only N for population in the formula
i just cant force myself to simply memorise the formula
i will get crazy if were to memorise every single alphabets/numbers/symbols in the formula
formula normally seems unreasonable and is damn f**king long
fuiyoh japan hit by quake and tsunami
no worries
wellington got nothing much
but hills
so i will zha zha lam run up hill if there is any disasters
but if hit by falling concrete ..
i hope not xD this wont happen on lai chun kit
i run fast, i assume

my room
fuiyoh~ i dont have cupboard
so all my clothes still inside the luggage
i make it as my cupboard
save money of not buying a new one
and my room has no carpet
u'll see papan arranged nicely there
papan is ok for me, u can see the dust and so can clean it
but the problems are ..
i dont have bloom =D 
i bought one but very small la!@#$%@#$
very sam fu to sweep
so i gave up the tiny bloom long time ago
vacuum can be borrowed from hostel
but the vacuum .. spoilt = a disaster for me *run up hill*
i mentioned problems
so the second hit me
hit my FOOT ah
walao here so cold
the papan like ICE lo !
i then bought a home slippers
cost me 10 bucks = rm23  never convert or you will die of spending money

oh ya ~ 
can you actually read my title?
it says "i v\/0|~|c"
this is what i suppose to write about
but nvm
i will start now xD
it begins when ... i think that i got less money left at the end of this year
so i go out and find and then drop my cv prepared beforehand
i get it and then i will become sushi-man xD starts next sat
so now u should read my title as "i work"
hohooho ~ suang liao this time
i know how to make sushi xD
i make for u guys when i come back
a special one for all of u, using cicak sh*t ROFL
ok, now got another main point pop up
yeah i mentioned that
so i will come back end of this year ~ i dont feel to let u guys know when is it
but i will be around in msia at dec
anyway for those who know de please keep it with urself and dont let others know liao
heheh the main purpose doing is i want to ... dunno leh actually
just suang only =)
ok la thats it
end end end


Saturday, February 19, 2011

the 4th day

i still can't believe that im now in wellington
sitting alone on the grass right in front of the bay at 750pm here
although is near to 8pm the sky still haven't turn dark yet
breezy wind hit me and make me so cold
but sth warms me up
i see people walking aside suddenly stop
staring sth far beside me and laugh
then i turned around and i LAUGH like hell too !!!
POKAI !! that fellow is like charging power !!!
meditating and moving his hand in a weird way
normal people won't do that for sure
really is like sohai
HAHAHHAHAH !!!!! !@$%$#@!
forgive me for being so rude
but the way he acts is just too funny for me
just finish watching the video by one of my bestest friend chee hang
he did a good job bcoz this video makes me feel touch until to shed a tear
at the same time it makes me laugh too !! stevie u r the best joker ever in the world xD
i feel sorrow in me now
because .. there is lacking of sth that accompany to share my joy here - my friends, my family and my dearly girl friend
i will come back very soon everyone
with everything remain unchanged in me except for knowledge and maturity
i love you guys ~
do take care everyone i know in every parts of the world


Monday, February 7, 2011


wonder you have watched this movie
i watched the second times with my dear on the night of day 2 of CNY
lai chun kit watched it twice - it means this is a worth-watching movie
i was inspired by the main character that is Andy Lau acting as a general before he became a monk at Shaolin temple
because he quite yeng HOHO!! he cut his hair himself xD kakakak
i learnt that we can actually finish every things we encountered positively
however, it stinks when most of us, like me, sometimes just didn't do it like this
we just don't handle it correctly and positively
then screwed up in the end
and only we realized we shouldn't did it like that
for example, ck asks kit "can you pass me the pen?"
kit replies "are your eyes blind or what? can't you see it with your retarded eyes i'm now not f**king free? go to hell you noob"
ck ran away and says "you are not my friends anymore!"
but actually kit can put it positively in the way he answers
kit replies "why don't you just walk there and take it yourself? because i'm not free, sorry"
ck says "damn you mother f**ker retard and go to hell alright dude!"
everyone would certainly learn something different watching this movie
even if you SLEEP during the playing of this movie you would also get something from it
and on the next second you will tell yourself never ever sleep in cinema especially when it plays popular movie

hohoho ~ we used camera in cinema xD is twin seat !!

once again, happy chinese new year =)


Friday, February 4, 2011

the VERY first day in 2011's CNY

luckily everyone of my family woke up on time in the morning

or else later it will be a long queue up to the hill to temple


the temple

people believe that washing using this water can bring them fortune

queuing for the turn to receive bless by monk

my father also did it

the monk sprinkles on us and gave us a small packet of rice

without me

with me

don't mess with me






lion dance


I hardly get this shot

we play helium gas before head to grandma's house
the balloon cost us 5 ringgit =.= 
we poke a hole and suck the gas in
it makes funny sound when you talk xD hahahah like donald duck 
so 5 ringgit .. worth it i think when something surprises you and makes you laugh =)

everyone let's enjoy the very moment in every year =D HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !!! gong xi fa cai ~


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNY's eve

hohoho ~
chinese new year is coming ahead soon, VERY SOON, maybe around 50mins more
time passes very fast, until you can't accept that it is already the 2nd of February today
had my last reunion dinner for CNY's eve with my family before i have to have it alone for 3 years in overseas
eating pathetically only abalone instant noodles, burger, pizza, spaghetti, KFC or maybe donuts
i'm okey with that, as i know i going to spend my entire life having dinner with my family and my love one after the three-lonely years
today is hot
hot until i just can't simply persuade myself as usual of being in Alaska or somewhere is very cold
i think this is one of the symbols showing now is CNY 
alright, i think i need to get myself to bed early to make sure that i manage to wake up early tomorrow
or not will get stuck by jam on the way going to 天后宫 (a temple)

lastly, i wish everyone to have a prosperous year in 2011